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Teach your offspring and students well

An action by a young Queenslander – choosing not to stand for Oz national anthem because it is unfair to indigenous people – has highlighted a dilemma for teachers and parents. While we must teach our children well [thanks CSN&Y] to become independent and to think for themselves, we should be unsurprised and supportive when they do. This can be especially difficult if parent and school see the situation differently, but the principle remains – celebrate the independence, and redirect it only if danger threatens. ie running a school can involve certain “mass transit and safety issues”.

Unusual exercise for today

With the best wishes possible for citizens of the Carolinas and their joust with Florence – understanding the science of weather is important for kids …

Imagine you are the specialist coach for cyclones.  Describe how you collect your team of air molecules and how you send them out to do their best with the rain and wind.

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