Speed versus Value

Standing at a whiteboard explaining can cover material quickly. So can “turn to page 27 and do questions 3 to 7. What do we mean by cover exactly?

Deeply involving students to examine a topic, perhaps in a fun way, takes more time but will entrench more significant and higher level learning. Drama as a learning area? Tom Lehrer might have said “This I know from nothing” in his guise as a plagiarising Russian mathematician. But drama as a tool for examining a concept …

Microbes and Rotting and Food Preservation – encourage students to write and perform a short play to investigate one of the following scenarios.

(a)A wicked purser has bought 2nd grade salt beef and pocketed the difference in price – now the Royal Navy ship is approaching mid-ocean and … (1745 AD)

(b)An exploratory drilling rig is mid-Sahara, the refrigerator motor blows up and there is no spare.  The engineer was supposed to order a spare but …

(c)Mack the student was told to buy dried food and plenty of fruit to carry on the 4 day hike by the student who was chief organiser.  Mack didn’t like dried food or fruit so he bought buns and frozen hamburgers instead.  By the third day in his back pack …


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