Concerned about this …

Fairfax today printed

I fear that a point has been missed – the brilliant eccentric unqualified teacher was usually accompanied in the staff room by inept, bigoted, violent, [insert own adjective] unqualified teachers. To be qualified is minimal – Mr. Chips could be qualified and still a clever eccentric, although he wouldn’t be my choice as an exemplar. I applaud the eccentric, I was probably one of them, but certain boxes have to be ticked. Not least – not a paedophile, doh! But communicator, supporter of colleagues, academic competent, lover of working with students, responsible with administrative tasks, and so on. Although I may have been “welcome at the reunion”, this would not be a recommendation – students are only partial judges of who is a good teacher.

Tip for the day? Successful learning occurs when the student is deeply involved – so a problem can be investigated by designing a board game. Provide a hexagon grid for an Engineering Task – student chooses [or you provide on the grid] landscape of flat land, swamp land, mountains, rivers, lakes and build a railway line across it. Allot “cost” points to particular landscape and draw the route, calculating the final cost. how many variations are there on this theme?

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